There is a lot of information about Foreclosure, see internet and this is one video if Foreclosure is imminent.

1.) If you are getting letters "threatening " foreclosure you need to step up and take action NOW. Ignoring these letters until you actually get a "foreclosure auction date" scheduled could end up being your biggest mistake.

2.) It's time to sit down and figure out how far behind you are and if it is truly realistic to catch up your payments. Be honest with yourself about your situation and figure out a realistic budget and determine if catching up on your mortgage payments is even possible given your current level of household income, assets, and expenses.

3.) Keep in mind that, in all honesty, the last thing your lender probably wants is to own your home. They are in the "money" business, not the "home owning" business. If your bank is forced to take your home, they're also faced with everything a "homeowner" is faced with; such as all of the maintenance, upkeep, heating bills, air conditioning bills, utility bills, HOA bills, real estate taxes, insurance, lawn service, and more. This comes down to one thing, they really don't want to take your home and would probably much rather work with you to make "other" realistic arrangements that don't involve foreclosing on you.

4.) Do not avoid your lender or the law firm handling your foreclosure. Call them and see what your current options are and start to see what can be done to stop, delay, or push-back your foreclosure date (if a foreclosure auction date has been scheduled). Once the actual foreclosure process begins it can be hard to stop; so you want to make sure you contact them immediately if you have missed any payments. If you reach a person that you simply cannot deal with and takes the approach of scare tactics and put downs, then immediately request to speak to their supervisor or simply hang up and call back and talk with another representative that is professional. You deserve to be treated with respect throughout the entire process and should demand such. The first question you should ask each and every time you call is "Do I have an auction date yet? And if yes, what is my auction date?" The second question you should ask is "What are my options?" Don't be surprised if you get "different" options each time you talk with a different representative or supervisor (this is common). Take notes every time you call and always get the name, direct number, and email address, of each person you talk with and what solutions and alternatives to foreclosure they are offering you. Each solution they offer you will have it's own set of unique pros and cons you will need to consider. However, one "pro" each alternative they offer will all have in common is that they will all be better than being foreclosed on .